Indego Productions 1998 - 2004

Indego was set up in 1998 by Jay Shurey & Andy Clark with the aim of getting groups of people together to make videos. Our first few projects included 'The Family from Organa', which was a sci-fi drama based on the children's television series 'Halfway across the galaxy and turn left'. Another project was 'Andy Flowers' which was a GCSE Media Studies project based on 'Austin Powers'. This project also featured some great creative skills from people outside Indego including Max Hannen, Ross Humphreys and Hayley Cramer.

One of our most popular productions for our first era was 'L-Virus'. This was a comedy based on many old zombie movies and computer games and took the most work to pull off.

L-Virus brought Ashley Thomas on board with Indego and with Andy moving on to concentrate on his music, Ash took over from him on the management team.

The year 2000 was when Indego really took off producing a great number of productions.

These included 'Psycult' which was a cross between 'Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels' and David Cronenberg's 'Crash', 'Pros & Cons' a 1930s thriller, 'The Game' a gangster drama and 'Bleeders' a military drama.

Comedy was probably our favourite genre to work in. This showed in our comedy series 'Circumstantial Confusion' which became our most popular project.

CC gave us the opportunity to write comedy based on our favourite comedy programmes and artists such as Monty Python and League of Gentleman as well as adding in our own humour.

Other projects which were started yet never finished included 'Organa' a present day sci-fi drama, 'Loyalties' another gangster themed drama and 'Isobel' a psychological thriller.


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